Patella Knee Brace – K-NB-357

Relieve Pain And Recover
Keenhealth’s Knee Brace for men and women is developed to help redistribute the pressure of your knee and reduce pain. The knee support is ideal to recover from knee injuries or to prevent further injury. Even post-surgery, the brace will give you comfort and protection.

Keenhealth’s Knee Brace…

  • Gives you support when you are recovering from a knee injury, such as runner’s knee or strains of the ACL and MCL.
  • Relieves and reduces knee pain associated with arthritis, tendonitis, inflammation, or any other chronic or acute knee pain.
  • Provides maximum support when you are playing supports, such as basketball, running, weightlifting, and CrossFit.

The universal fit of the knee brace for support and compression fit most adults. Make sure to measure the circumferences around the knee and thigh for a proper fit. Fits up to 21”.