KeenHealth Patella Knee Brace

  • Post surgery protection
  • Reduces pain & provides support
  • Breathable material

Protect your knee post surgery. KeenHealth’s patella design knee brace is built to protect your entire knee, muscles and joint. It provides support for your daily activities and during exercise. It redistributes the pressure and relieves pain.

Redistributes the pressure

Redistributes the pressure

The knee brace makes sure the force on your knee is distributed evenly, thanks to the sturdy open patella design, and the 3 different velcro straps. The brace provides adequate support and helps you stay mobile.


Breathable fabric

Having to wear a brace all day is never fun, but KeenHealth makes it easier. Our brace is lightweight and made from breathable material. You can wear the knee brace both under and over your pants.


Post surgery protection

Our knee sleeve gives you support when you are recovering from a knee injury or surgery, protecting your knee from further injury. It reduces pain and strain, giving your knee the rest it deserves while giving you the ability to move around.

Redistributes the pressure

One size fits all

Thanks to the adjustable velcro straps, the brace fits knees with a thigh circumference of up to 21 inches!