Keenhealth Nasal Wash Bottle K-NW-237

Keenhealth Nasal Wash Bottle K-NW-237 – Nasal Irrigation Bottle – Sinus Irrigation System – Nasal Rinse for Saline Nasal Spray – Sinus Rinse Bottle

  • SINUS IRRIGATION SYSTEM TO RELIEVE NASAL CONGESTION – A nasal rinse can help to relieve issues related to nasal congestion.
  • NASAL IRRIGATION CAN HELP REDUCE SYMPTOMS OF ALLERGIES – When you have a stuffy nose, a sinus rinse a day can give you the relief you’re looking for.
  • OPTIMISE YOUR NASAL HEALTH & HYGIENE – Nasal hygiene is extremely important when you struggle with nasal congestion. This bottle will help you to keep your nose happy and healthy!
  • MAKE YOUR OWN SALINE NASAL SPRAY – 30 sachets of saline mix are included in this box, so you can easily make your own spray.
  • KEENHEALTH – Easily Ever After