Keenhealth Blood Pressure Monitor – Upper Arm Cuff

  • Keep track of your blood pressure
  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle
  • With a memory storage of 180 measurements

If you suffer from high blood pressure, or hypertension, you are not alone. It is estimated that almost half of adult Americans are struggling with the same problem. High blood pressure can often go unnoticed. This is why it earned the name ‘silent killer.’ Symptoms are not obvious. Only with a blood pressure monitor can you learn whether your blood pressure is too high. 

The Keenhealth BPM is easy to use at home. Simply wrap it around your upper arm and press the button to start. The results will be shown on the display after the measurement is complete. Learn to interpret the number of your blood pressure with the help of the AHA indicator. Always aim for green!

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is a great way to prevent and manage high blood pressure. Ask a healthcare professional for advice. 

Please note that your blood pressure may vary constantly due to many factors including stress, time of day, and many others. Even the way you wrap the cuff or hold your arm may influence the measurement. Follow the instructions for the most accurate results. 

Keenhealth Blood pressure monitor

Home use

The BPM is designed with your convenience in mind with a foolproof one-button-operation.

AHA indicator logo

American Heart Association Indicator

Learn to interpret the numbers and always aim for green.


Memory storage

Two users can both store up to 90 measurements (180 in total).

Keenhealth blood pressure monitor

Upper arm cuff

The cuff can fit around the upper arm up to 14.2 inches.

Blood pressure monitor Detection

Irregular Heartbeat Detection

The BPM doesn’t just track your blood pressure and pulse rate but also detects an irregular heartbeat.

FDA approved

FDA approved

With a healthy heart, the beat goes on