Compression Ankle Sleeves – K-AB-135 – Pair

Instant Relief
When you’re struggling with stiff muscles or when you’re recovering from an injury, our ankle braces will bring instant relief. The principle is simple: the ankle sleeve gives compression, which stimulates the blood flow. This means more oxygen will reach your muscles and tendons, giving you a feeling of instant relief.

Enjoy Your Freedom Again
Arthritis, swelling or injuries can limit your range of motion and influence your feeling of freedom. Using an ankle sleeve can boost your confidence and give you the support you need to get moving again.

Do Better than Expected!
When working out, you want to push your limits, but you don’t want to go beyond. With our ankle brace, you can stretch your limits while also protecting them.

Comfortable Fit for Best Support
To make sure our Compression Ankle Sleeve gives you the best support, it is important to choose the right size. Measure your Foot Circumference (A), Top Width (B) and Bottom Width (C), and check the image for the size that is your perfect fit. Our ankle compression socks are available for men and women in sizes S-XL.