Keenhealth maternity belt

Now that you are pregnant, good lower back and abdomen support can make your pregnancy journey easier. As your stomach grows, pain and strain are inevitable. And, a maternity band can be your best friend during this time.

Not yet convinced that you need it? Keep on reading!

What is a maternity band and why are women, especially moms-to-be, encouraged to wear it?

A maternity band is a piece of clothing that looks like a tube top. It is seamless and has a wide circular strip of fabric. It can expand which is perfect for your growing tummy. 

Why is wearing a Maternity belly band such a great idea?

Check out these 5 remarkable benefits!

  • Comfortable support and compression while pregnant.

A maternity band can help distribute the weight of your baby bump evenly. As a result, it eases  the back and joint pains that you experience during pregnancy. 

The belly band’s gentle compression helps reduce the discomfort from movement during any physical activity.

  •  Better Posture for you and better position for the baby

It is difficult to maintain a good posture if you are carrying a heavy belly. Thus, wearing a good maternity band that will support your posture is a good idea. The belly band will support your lower back and torso.

Maintaining a good posture will help the baby get into and stay in the optimal position for birth.

  •  Comfortably engage in daily activities

Carrying a baby 24/7 can be difficult. Trust me, I know. I’ve gone through 2 pregnancies and walking with that big belly is tiring. 

Wearing a maternity belt that supports your tummy will be your lifesaver. With your bump being compressed gently, discomfort from physical and daily activities will be reduced.

  • Improved circulation

As your pregnancy progresses, your growing baby bump begins to press down on the nerves and blood vessels on your hips and legs. The Maternity band will gently lift your abdomen relieving pressure of the uterus. This will highly improve blood flow to and from the lower parts. 

  • Can be worn even after birth

Your muscles and ligaments were stretched and strained during pregnancy and healing will take time. Wearing a maternity band after birth will help. The band will help by physically bringing the abdominal muscles back together. 

Together with consistent exercise this could assist in closing the gap between the muscles.

Where can you purchase a good quality maternity band?

Keen-Health offers a maternity band that can be purchased through Amazon. It has a breathable and lightweight material for optimal pain relief. We have made sure that it will only not provide the support that you need but also comfortable to wear. 

A belly band should never be “one size fits all”. Your tummy could be bigger or smaller than others. Hence, we made sure to cater to all. Our bands come in 2 sizes. Size M fits up to 44,3 inches and Size L (Plus Size) fits up to almost 50 inches which is perfect for your growing belly. 

The best part is, your purchase is backed by our 60-days money back guarantee. You can easily contact our support if at any point it does not meet your expectations. Our friendly support will help you out immediately.